Unhand me Hussy! Letting go of bad habits

What happens with many of us is we allow ourselves to be consumed by people that don't matter. If a person doesn't have a purpose in your life, then they become a distraction to what God's will is for your life. Anything that is a habit molds your character. Blossoms, I am here to tell you that believing in God is a habit. The greatest authority is the word of God. Your life will not operate in order or structure because you don't have authority over it! You have to speak life into your situation. Anything you tell to come forth will come to you. The word makes you mobile and when the word makes you mobile you will prosper.

You want to know why people are scared of you when you are focused? When you are in order? Because you are PHENOMENAL when you are all put together!



Kelly McNeil-JonesComment