College Bound Blossoms

On February 18, 2017 - our Blossoms headed across the bridge to T.C Williams High School, to participate in Alfred Street's Baptist Church annual College Fair. 

As many of our Blossoms are getting ready to take the next step in their respective academic and professional development paths, they found this opportunity must rewarding. Being able to speak to prospective colleges, gaining insights from college reps and learning more about what it takes to make the transition from high school student to a young adult in college - was an opportunity we could not pass up. 

Thanks to Alfred Street for always putting together resources, programs and outlets for the Kingdom Kids to shine through! 

The Blossoms take #GHOE

When you think about college homecomings, your mind will probably go to 3 things: the proud, the loud and the overcrowded. 

College homecomings, specifically HBCU homecomings, bring out and draw in droves of current students, prospective students, alumni and those who try to blend in with the thrilling fanfare. From the parties to the tailgates, and the battle of the bands at the homecoming game, HBCU homecomings will forever be a proud moment we look forward to every fall. 

But what goes on behind the scenes? What goes on outside of the Divine 9 plots and radio hosted parties?

Traveling down to North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University homecoming, with 4 bright-eyed high school students, the leaders of the Young Ladies 4 Christ, Inc. knew we were in for a special treat. These young women were going to experience their first, real, live and in color HBCU homecoming and college tour, where an alumnus would open up the door and reveal the truth about coming home to a historically black university.

Led by A&T’s own, Gabrielle Stuart (class of 2015), and one of our organization’s extraordinary leaders, we witnessed first hand just how much pride and investment goes into this university. We saw the students preparing for the turn-up and how the alumni were amazed at how much growth has happened since they graduated. But outside of the typical excitement a homecoming vibe can produce, we felt and heard the echoing cheers of the history behind North Carolina A&T.

Read the full article on our feature in Huffington Post, CLICK HERE!

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The Blossoms Take New York City

On June 24th, 2016 - we journeyed to a far away land called New York City. In tow, we had the Blossoms and a few Hummingbirds ready to experience the bright lights and the big city one of our leaders calls their home. 

Leading up to this special journey, the Blossoms went through a series of masterclass sessions. In these sessions, they gained critical acumen on how to become an effective leader within their community, amongst their peers and in their everyday walk with Christ.

Each Blossom was held accountable for attending each session, as well as having the responsibility of reaching out to potential donors in order to fundraise for the New York City trip. 

We are proud to announce that it was a SUCCESS!! Due to the donations we received, the Blossoms were able to be apart of key Millennial conversations to help them understand the importance of "Wearing Their Crown", "Leaning In" and Owning Their Brand".

All of this in an effort to showcase, how each young lady is the the QUEEN of her DESTINY. But most importantly, if they remain diligent to God's hand, He will orchestrate the entire masterpiece of their lives, gifting them with CROWN JEWELS along the way.

We want to thank those who continue to support us, as we continue to build the foundation and extend the reach within this organization. Again, none of this would have been possible without those who donated funds and resources. Also, a very special shoutout to our community partners, The Miss Jones eXperience, The T. Alexander Foundation, and the wonderful and phenemonal women of Disney/ABC Television Group.

It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a community to uplift the voices within each child. 

Enjoy the video below, to get an exclusive behind the scenes look at what took place when the Bossoms took New York City!!

This Just In: A Special Praise Report

Before I made the decision to come back to YL4C, I was at a rough spot in my life.
I was apathetic towards everything in life. My GPA was horrible, and I had really low confidence.

Some previous situations that I had been through, caused me to explore coming back as a member of YL4C. I just knew I needed to do things differently and YL4C would be able to help me get back on track. So, I spoke the executive board and explained to them how coming back would be beneficial for me.

When I rejoined I started to form a better and closer relationship with God. It was like, the more dedication and commitment I gave, the more I learned about myself and how God sees me. My grades, my attitude, and my self-respect increased when I started to be a little more open-mined, stopped holding myself back, and owning who I was.

When I realized that I was very talented and had more potential than I thought, I saw a tremendous change in many parts of my life. I started to smile more, laugh more, and frown less. Everyday through the good, the bad, and the ugly I still learn new things about the "crown" God places upon my head.

I also realized that I had let social media and "friends" take over my life. The leaders of YL4C suggested I do a 21-day Social Media Fast. During this fast, I was asked to examine my front row, cut off all social media, and begin communicating with God through His word. After completing the fast, it helped me to see that I needed to change the people I hung around (my front row) and reduce the negative energy I was taking in from social media drama. Sometimes you have to leave behind the people that you think may be down for you and do a little finding, loving, and respecting for yourself before letting someone who barely knows you, let alone care about you, put a wrong label on you. 

 So many doors have opened for me and new opportunities have blossomed since I completed this fast and became 100% dedicated to being a Jr. Member of Young Ladies 4 Christ. 

At the end of the day, anyone can change, if you let go and let God. Face your truth, don't cover up who you are because everyone has scars that can be very ugly, but that's what makes life beautiful. And when we come to accept who we are, we are loving who God made us to be.

Taleya Thomas, 16
Lackey H.S, 3.5 GPA
Jr. Member of YL4C, Inc., 2015 Masterclass Graduate

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You're the Real MVPs

Internship Completed!!
Special Congrats to our two Masterclass Grads, Autumn and Destiny, for completing their Internships at Lemon Jelly Salon. The founder of the salon said you two were amazing and your work ethic truly shined through. We are all very proud of both of you for exhibiting the characteristics that were taught during the 2015 Masterclass Series.

Hear what they have to say:
Autumn - I learned interpersonal skills and would like to explore other internship opportunities
Destiny - I learned key life skills and I look forward to applying those in the world. I also learned how to communicate to in a business setting.  

Scholarships Achieved!! 
Another special congrats to our scholars for their 2nd quarter grades. All of the Blossoms received a 3.5 or higher. Their academic excellence truly shines as they continue to bring their intelligence and life skills to the table, as we prep for the upcoming Teen Summit.

A praise report for one of our Blossoms, Taleya - who brought her GPA up from a 2.1 to a 3.5 in one quarter! This made her eligible to receive her Masterclass Graduate jacket and be considered for the next internship opportunity. 

Hard Work pays off Blossoms and we see you sowing seeds of greatness and humility! Keep up the good work!

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Two Cheers for the 2015 YL4C Masterclass Graduates! Your commitment to a new process and new initiative speaks tremendous volumes about your character, your charm and who God is calling you to be. 

Thank you to the family and friends that supported each blossom during this process. We appreciate your commitment and investment. 

Special shoutout to our Masterclass Graduates: Destiny Lancaster and Autumn Gray on being accepted for the Holiday Internship at Lemon Jelly Salon, in the DMV area. You ladies completely represented what a Young Ladies 4 Christ Blossom has the potential to do and be! This was recognized and communicated to the Leaders by the Salon owner.

So congrats again to all 4 Blossoms who made this such an amazing year!

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Sleepovers and Restorations

At the beginning of this month, we had the pleasure of attending First Baptist Church of Glenarden's annual "He Loves Me" Women and Teens conference. Our Masterclass Blossoms were in for a special treat, and so were the Blossom Leaders and Moms who had the opportunity to attend. 

The Masterclass Blossoms attended a midnight lock-in where they were able to connect with other young women and discuss how God can bring restoration into their lives. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and came back restored, fulfilled and ready to share their knowledge with next year's blossoms!!

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Welcome to our Newest Blossom Leader

We are excited to welcome our Newest Blossom Leader Milena Castaneda-Jones. She has volunteered with our group plenty of times, but for the Masterclass season we are honored to have her officially on board as a Blossom Leader!!

Milena, we love you and we are happy to have you join us on this journey. 

About Mimi:
BS Criminal Justice + MS Criminal Justice - West Chester University

Favorite Scripture: 
"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and future" - Jeremiah 29:11

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Special Kisses x Kudos

This section was actually inspired by one of our fellow Blossom Leaders - Mrs. Brittany Marshall - the one and only. As we continue to grow and develop within our own special seasons, it is important we remember to send out kisses and kudos to our leaders, our members and loved ones. 

Kisses because nothing says Love better than a hug and kiss. The most simplest expressions to showcase love and admiration to someone, but also a strong validation of the friendship within it.

Kudos because everyone deserves to receive compliments and congratulations as they put forth their faith in life. Giving thanks to God is an act of giving kudos, of giving him a special shout out. And we must always thank God for the friends and family he blesses us with, and send them love and kudos from where we are within our own journey. 

So, with that - our dear sister Brittany we send you Kisses and Kudos!!! You are the pillar of Strength and the hallmark of true Love. We send love to you and your family, but also congratulations on the new life God has brought into your life. We can not wait to see him and give him all the kisses and kudos he too deserves. 


Your Blossom Sisters

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The Beginning of a New Chapter

On Saturday, August 29, we met three eager blossoms who were ready to take the next step in their journey. They were anxious, all smiles and a heart open to the possibilities. This was something new and exciting for them, something of a new chapter they were embarking on in their lives. 



That same day, their guardians were there... with the same open hearts, the same smiles, and the same anticipation. This was new. Life was happening and it was happening for their little girls. Who were at a time just blossoms, who were just seeds of thought and love, but now they were ready to refine themselves into the women they were destined to be. The guardians were there to support and lend encouragement to each young woman who was excited about this next step. And for that we say THANK YOU!


And so it began - the 2015 Young Ladies 4 Christ, Inc. Masterclass Session. Sessions designed to begin the conversation on leadership qualities and characteristics that are relevant and useful for the blossoming young woman, consistent with Christian principles. To help build a solid foundation from which one can grow from. This is what these young women said  YES to, but also what their guardians said YES to. It was a beautiful blend of spirits and great expectation. 

We invite you on a journey this season into a whole new chapter of Young Ladies 4 Christ. A chapter that is new for us, but also new to our blossoms and their respectful guardians, educators and loved ones. These young women are embarking on a journey that is one to remember, because THEY were made for such a time as this. And as guardians, educators and loved ones we wouldn't miss it for the world!


The Leaders of Young Ladies 4 Christ, Inc.

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