Special Kisses x Kudos

This section was actually inspired by one of our fellow Blossom Leaders - Mrs. Brittany Marshall - the one and only. As we continue to grow and develop within our own special seasons, it is important we remember to send out kisses and kudos to our leaders, our members and loved ones. 

Kisses because nothing says Love better than a hug and kiss. The most simplest expressions to showcase love and admiration to someone, but also a strong validation of the friendship within it.

Kudos because everyone deserves to receive compliments and congratulations as they put forth their faith in life. Giving thanks to God is an act of giving kudos, of giving him a special shout out. And we must always thank God for the friends and family he blesses us with, and send them love and kudos from where we are within our own journey. 

So, with that - our dear sister Brittany we send you Kisses and Kudos!!! You are the pillar of Strength and the hallmark of true Love. We send love to you and your family, but also congratulations on the new life God has brought into your life. We can not wait to see him and give him all the kisses and kudos he too deserves. 


Your Blossom Sisters

Kelly McNeil-JonesComment