The Beginning of a New Chapter

On Saturday, August 29, we met three eager blossoms who were ready to take the next step in their journey. They were anxious, all smiles and a heart open to the possibilities. This was something new and exciting for them, something of a new chapter they were embarking on in their lives. 



That same day, their guardians were there... with the same open hearts, the same smiles, and the same anticipation. This was new. Life was happening and it was happening for their little girls. Who were at a time just blossoms, who were just seeds of thought and love, but now they were ready to refine themselves into the women they were destined to be. The guardians were there to support and lend encouragement to each young woman who was excited about this next step. And for that we say THANK YOU!


And so it began - the 2015 Young Ladies 4 Christ, Inc. Masterclass Session. Sessions designed to begin the conversation on leadership qualities and characteristics that are relevant and useful for the blossoming young woman, consistent with Christian principles. To help build a solid foundation from which one can grow from. This is what these young women said  YES to, but also what their guardians said YES to. It was a beautiful blend of spirits and great expectation. 

We invite you on a journey this season into a whole new chapter of Young Ladies 4 Christ. A chapter that is new for us, but also new to our blossoms and their respectful guardians, educators and loved ones. These young women are embarking on a journey that is one to remember, because THEY were made for such a time as this. And as guardians, educators and loved ones we wouldn't miss it for the world!


The Leaders of Young Ladies 4 Christ, Inc.

Kelly McNeil-JonesComment