The Blossoms take #GHOE

When you think about college homecomings, your mind will probably go to 3 things: the proud, the loud and the overcrowded. 

College homecomings, specifically HBCU homecomings, bring out and draw in droves of current students, prospective students, alumni and those who try to blend in with the thrilling fanfare. From the parties to the tailgates, and the battle of the bands at the homecoming game, HBCU homecomings will forever be a proud moment we look forward to every fall. 

But what goes on behind the scenes? What goes on outside of the Divine 9 plots and radio hosted parties?

Traveling down to North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University homecoming, with 4 bright-eyed high school students, the leaders of the Young Ladies 4 Christ, Inc. knew we were in for a special treat. These young women were going to experience their first, real, live and in color HBCU homecoming and college tour, where an alumnus would open up the door and reveal the truth about coming home to a historically black university.

Led by A&T’s own, Gabrielle Stuart (class of 2015), and one of our organization’s extraordinary leaders, we witnessed first hand just how much pride and investment goes into this university. We saw the students preparing for the turn-up and how the alumni were amazed at how much growth has happened since they graduated. But outside of the typical excitement a homecoming vibe can produce, we felt and heard the echoing cheers of the history behind North Carolina A&T.

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Kelly McNeil-JonesComment