This Just In: A Special Praise Report

Before I made the decision to come back to YL4C, I was at a rough spot in my life.
I was apathetic towards everything in life. My GPA was horrible, and I had really low confidence.

Some previous situations that I had been through, caused me to explore coming back as a member of YL4C. I just knew I needed to do things differently and YL4C would be able to help me get back on track. So, I spoke the executive board and explained to them how coming back would be beneficial for me.

When I rejoined I started to form a better and closer relationship with God. It was like, the more dedication and commitment I gave, the more I learned about myself and how God sees me. My grades, my attitude, and my self-respect increased when I started to be a little more open-mined, stopped holding myself back, and owning who I was.

When I realized that I was very talented and had more potential than I thought, I saw a tremendous change in many parts of my life. I started to smile more, laugh more, and frown less. Everyday through the good, the bad, and the ugly I still learn new things about the "crown" God places upon my head.

I also realized that I had let social media and "friends" take over my life. The leaders of YL4C suggested I do a 21-day Social Media Fast. During this fast, I was asked to examine my front row, cut off all social media, and begin communicating with God through His word. After completing the fast, it helped me to see that I needed to change the people I hung around (my front row) and reduce the negative energy I was taking in from social media drama. Sometimes you have to leave behind the people that you think may be down for you and do a little finding, loving, and respecting for yourself before letting someone who barely knows you, let alone care about you, put a wrong label on you. 

 So many doors have opened for me and new opportunities have blossomed since I completed this fast and became 100% dedicated to being a Jr. Member of Young Ladies 4 Christ. 

At the end of the day, anyone can change, if you let go and let God. Face your truth, don't cover up who you are because everyone has scars that can be very ugly, but that's what makes life beautiful. And when we come to accept who we are, we are loving who God made us to be.

Taleya Thomas, 16
Lackey H.S, 3.5 GPA
Jr. Member of YL4C, Inc., 2015 Masterclass Graduate

Kelly McNeil-JonesComment