You're the Real MVPs

Internship Completed!!
Special Congrats to our two Masterclass Grads, Autumn and Destiny, for completing their Internships at Lemon Jelly Salon. The founder of the salon said you two were amazing and your work ethic truly shined through. We are all very proud of both of you for exhibiting the characteristics that were taught during the 2015 Masterclass Series.

Hear what they have to say:
Autumn - I learned interpersonal skills and would like to explore other internship opportunities
Destiny - I learned key life skills and I look forward to applying those in the world. I also learned how to communicate to in a business setting.  

Scholarships Achieved!! 
Another special congrats to our scholars for their 2nd quarter grades. All of the Blossoms received a 3.5 or higher. Their academic excellence truly shines as they continue to bring their intelligence and life skills to the table, as we prep for the upcoming Teen Summit.

A praise report for one of our Blossoms, Taleya - who brought her GPA up from a 2.1 to a 3.5 in one quarter! This made her eligible to receive her Masterclass Graduate jacket and be considered for the next internship opportunity. 

Hard Work pays off Blossoms and we see you sowing seeds of greatness and humility! Keep up the good work!

Kelly McNeil-JonesComment